Building the Culture of Life

Where were you when the battle on abortion was waged?


My time on earth was brief.

I never took a breath of air.
I never experienced a loving gaze.
I never experienced a loving touch.
Where were you?
I did experience a cold touch. The cold touch of steel . . . even though I tried to resist. I urgently tried to retreat to another area of my very small home. But I was not successful in defending myself.  I was not strong enough. I was captured.
Then came the pain. The indescribable, tortuous pain. The pain inflicted on me as the cold steel overpowered me and ripped me apart.
Where were you?
Why had I been at this killing center? Was I not wanted? Did I offend someone? Did I deserve this?
Why did my life come to such a gruesome end? Was there no one to protect me? Was there no one to speak for me?
Was there no one to at least stand in witness to my life?
Where were you?
Why is this killing legal? Is it right? Is it loving? Is this the best that society can do?
Then why does it continue?
Where were you?
I see the daily bustle around this killing center. Thousands and thousands go by every day. A few stop. But very few. A few pray. A few try to help. But very few . . . very few.
The killings do not stop. Many are killed. Many, many are killed.
Many are killed every week. The killings do not stop.
Thousands are killed every year. 
Thousands . . . thousands.
The killings do not stop.
Where were you?
When will the killings stop? How will the killings stop? . . . Will the killings stop?
Who will help the killings stop? Who will help the killings stop?
Is it someone else? Is it someone else?
Oh, it’s always someone else.
Where were you? Where were you?

Imagine that this aborted baby was speaking to you. How would you answer? What would you say?
The questions of this child could be treated like an examination of conscience — not for sins of commission but rather for sins of omission. Did I do anything to help bring about the end of the killing of unborn children? Did I specifically help in any way? How?
There are many positive things that you can do to help. For example, you could volunteer or financially support various pregnancy-    related ministries. You could also get involved in the archdiocesan Brick by Brick campaign (www.ProLifeKC. com) through prayer and public witness to help bring about the closing of Planned Parenthood. There are also many other ways to participate. Make a plan — and follow through.
When you are asked “Where were you?” be ready and able to answer, “I was there.”